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Halloween horror

OK, it’s not Halloween yet.  But when Sunday night comes, will the horrors in the darkened library tower come to life and flap their way between the bookcases and out into Cambridge alleyways? What horrors? Well, vampires, for a start. And … Continue reading

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Headless wedding horror?

 Some weddings are chilling occasions but none more so than this picture of Cinderella’s wedding with a not-so-happy ending, featuring a headless bride! London: S & J Fuller, 1814. (Classmark CCE.7.1.12. Order in Rare Books) So how did Cinderella lose her … Continue reading

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How to eat a grapefruit

Many of the Tower Project books are handbooks and manuals of some kind,  but until I came across a small pamphlet entitled “The forbidden fruit” (1905.7.3395) I had never seen a manual for any kind of food before. Cookbooks, yes, plenty … Continue reading

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Cupid’s code

This pamphlet Cupid’s code for the transmission of secret messages by means of the language of postage stamps by Bury George caused a good deal of amusement in the Project Office. The code uses the position and orientation of the … Continue reading

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All teeth and hair like a rat-catcher’s dog.

Prior to finding this book entitled ‘Snippets from Surtees’ I knew nothing about Robert Smith Surtees and so these aphorisms were out of context and well, just peculiar:  There was a lot about ‘unting and ‘osses (hunting and horses I guessed)… ‘The … Continue reading

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