The Tower Project was established to add records to the internet for “non-academic” books held by Cambridge University Library.  The books concerned were acquired by legal deposit during the 19th and twentieth centuries but were not required for university teaching, so were stored in the University Library Tower.  Most of the books were either published for children or were “popular” works intended for the general public rather than academics.

Tower Project staff have completed phase 1 of the project, cataloguing books published 1800-1909.  The follow -on project, entitled “Triumph and disaster: Britain in the 1910s” began on 1st July 2011 and will catalogue books published 1910-1919. The project will be completed by end December 2012. It is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

All books are catalogued on Cambridge University Library’s website here:

If you wish to visit and read the books please see the notes from the Library’s Admissions department here.

Enquiries about the collections or cataloguing programme that you don’t wish to have published on the blog as Comments can be sent to the Project Manager at vl203@cam.ac.uk

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