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Know your nose

The nose is the most prominent feature of the face, and the art of reading character by the nose is one of the most interesting of human studies Noses and What They Indicate is one of many books that were … Continue reading

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Ode to… a tram accident

Perhaps one of the best known disaster poems is William McGonagall’s infamous “The Tay Rail Bridge Disaster.”  In fact he seemed to rather specialise in writing about calamities, but he was and is by no means alone.  Poems have been … Continue reading

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Always read the label

   On first glance, this looks quite an ordinary sort of book.  The cover promises some kind of humour, maybe a collection of jokey anecdotes, but clearly something amusing to pass an idle hour or two with.  On a closer look, … Continue reading

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Moleosophy, or, Mystic Meg goes dermatological

Stubbed my cataloguing toe on another Edwardian gem recently; the ever so handy Moles and their meaning (1907). This outlines the science of Moleosophy, which pertains to allow “the divination of the character and astral indications of persons of either sex … Continue reading

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The charms of Saint Catharine

This is especially for all the unmarried maidens out there who are longing to know whom they will marry.  This ritual is to be carried out on the 25th November, which is Saint Catharine’s Day, so (as I post this) … Continue reading

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Cupid’s code

This pamphlet Cupid’s code for the transmission of secret messages by means of the language of postage stamps by Bury George caused a good deal of amusement in the Project Office. The code uses the position and orientation of the … Continue reading

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Find your perfect match

J. M. Barrie: what does his moustache say about him? Looking to meet that special someone? Don’t waste your time trying to work out whether a person is right for you by talking to them – it turns out there’s an easier and quicker … Continue reading

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Edwardian dreams

Do you dream of  oxtail soup?   Apparently this is a sign that some of your friends or relatives are about to fall ill with a complaint that will reduce them from their present corpulency to leanness. Judging by number of works on … Continue reading

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